Band Website Promotion

If you have a band website, then you need to be found to be appreciated. iZipe band website promotion promotes band websites in various ways. First, we can offer SEO (search engine optimization) services to help your band website design get to the top of search engine rankings for specific music keywords.

Being at the top of search engine rankings for keywords related to your band is key to getting new visitors. A band website won't convert a single person to a new fan if the internet users can't find the website. Too many band website designers put up a great looking website and then the only ones that visit it are people that already know the band.

One of the main purposes of a band website should be to recruit new fans for your band. Too often a band pays for a nice looking band website and then is forced to get traffic by blasting the website address at their shows. Often this is the only band website promotion that is going on for that band. This won't cut it in the music world, or on the internet.

iZipe Strategies for Band Website Promotion

iZipe band website promotion will include inspecting your current band website and providing SEO to get your website high in the rankings. This will include a detailed report of what needs to change on the website as well as onsite SEO, website submission to top search engines, link building, Google and Yahoo sitemap creation and management, and much more.

We actually change the code to your website without changing the look of your website to help it rank better in the search engines. We may place some SEO copywrite into the text to help with keyword density, but we will make it flow well. We will optimize META tags, titles, alt tags, and add keyword rich headings and hyperlinks to help with the rankings.

Band Website Promotion $149 / 75.50

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