Music Management

iZipe music management is available for musicians, bands, bars, clubs, music festivals and concerts. iZipe music management can help book clubs and concerts for musician tours, and can also help concert promotors find bands and musicians to perform. Contact our music management team for specific information regarding your needs.

Musician Managers

Our iZipe musician managers can book musicians into clubs, concerts, bars and other music venues around the world. If you are a musician and want to tour the world, play music and make money, we can make that happen. We can arrange the entire tour for you including travel plans, nightly shows, hotels and all other details for your world tour.

Musicians often dream about what it would be like to go on a world tour. iZipe makes that dream a reality. We have contact with concert promotors, bar managers, club owners, music festival managers and music promotors around the world. We can organize the perfect tour for you or a band. We can arrange all the details. All you do is show up and play your heart out.

iZipe musician managers will book the hotels, organize all of the payment details for the shows, promote the events, organize travel including air travel, rental cars, tour buses and limousines. We will also create a daily itinerary for you to follow to keep you on schedule should you need it, or you can cruise around on your own, soaking in all the sites between gigs. Imagine touring through Europe, visiting the gorgeous castles, playing in 18th century pubs, meeting new friends in foreign lands and getting paid the whole time.

iZipe music managers can also book national tours in your own country, or local areas. If you need a music manager to book clubs, book practice halls an organize music events, let iZipe music managers do all the work.

Contact us at ( musicmanagers @ ) for more information.

Music Managers for Events

If you are a bar manager, club owner or concert promoter looking for bands, iZipe music managers can help. We can help fill up your playbill with high quality bands from any genre. We provide portfolios for each band and let you decide which ones you want to hire from a huge selection. Listen to recent recordings of the bands, watch live recordings of performances, and read about their views and music to help make your decision easier.

We can provide you with all of the information you need to find the bands, or we can find them and book them for you. We can make any live music managers or bar owners life a lot easier by performing all of the work for a very small fee.

For more information contact us at ( eventmanagers @ ).